Contagious Coronavirus Claims the Lives of More Than 150 People

Martin Marasigan
Map of China

More than 150 people have died due to the 2019-nCoV coronavirus and more than 7,500 are infected in China, according to the health agency in the country. The number of cases have now exceeded SARS and now has infected people in every province in China. Although these numbers are reported, experts warn that 100,000 may be infected already. Since last week, the Chinese government has locked down their capital, Beijing, cancelled many Chinese New Year’s celebrations, and have made the initiative to build new hospitals as quickly as possible to handle with the situation.

Around the world, several more nations have reported confirmed cases of coronavirus on their own soil. The United States has reported 6 cases of the virus with several more to be suspected. The virus now has taken a foothold in the Philippines, India, and Finland. In Germany, the first human-to-human transmission outside of China has been confirmed, with a second one in Japan from a bus driver, and a third in South Korea.

In the United States, The Trump Administration has stated that they were “monitoring the situation,” but has denied any suggestion to shut off air travel from China. Despite this, several American airline companies have suspended flights to China, especially ones coming from and to Wuhan, the epicenter of the incident. British Airways have done the same for all their flights.

Other countries have begun to push their own efforts to prevent the virus from coming to them. Mongolia has closed down their southern border to China, and the same was announced by Russia. The Philippines sent many travelers coming from Wuhan back to China.

Panic is beginning to settle to people worldwide. Stores all around China are now empty, and nations near China are beginning to see lines form in everyday places such as groceries and pharmacies. The stock market is beginning to dip in reaction to the outbreak, affecting the economy globally.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is now pending whether or not to declare the 2019-nCoV coronavirus as a global emergency.