Coronavirus Spreads Worldwide

Martin Marasigan, Staff Writer

Chinese authorities taking an infected person to a hospital.

More than 830 cases of corona virus are confirmed, and at least 26 people have died. Reports state that 8,420 people are under observation and the vast majority of victims are over 60 years old, with pre-existing health conditions. Chinese authorities enforced a lockdown across the province of Hubei, with around 55 million not quarantined. Travel to 14 cities have been banned, including the city, Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak.

Officials in south Korea and Japan confirmed two cases of the virus within their own country. Infections are also reported to have spread to Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and the United states, with one case confirmed in Washington state and another reported in Texas. The Chines medical system is struggling with the outbreak with reports of crowded hospitals, stressed doctors, and dwindling supplies.