Sunset’s Role in the E-Cigarettes Epidemic

Nicole Gazol, Staff Writer

Stock Photo

Last week, students from the Medical Magnet in Miami Sunset Senior High had been writing and signing petitions to the White House asking for support in banning the flavored tobacco used in e-cigarettes.

These devices are mostly targeted to under aged consumers and it has slowly turned into a huge epidemic among teenagers. Medical students, knowing the many issues that e-cigarettes can cause, are fighting against the epidemic.

“Vaping is one of the biggest problems in teenagers. Every day it affects thousands of students due to what e-cigarettes contain.” Said Melissa Romero, a junior who is in medical magnet program, “It has already been proven that it is harmful and can cause diseases that are difficult to face. As a student and someone who is part of the Medical Magnet, I think this should be more controlled and that everyone is aware of the consequences that this causes.”

One of the reasons this has become so popular is due to the lack of information that students receive about this topic, and even if they are quite educated about it, many still do it on a whim. Others do it as a form of stress relief, which isn’t right considering their ages.

“In my opinion, e-cigarettes should not be legalized due to all the medical problems they cause.” Stephanie Meza says, “I believe that schools, especially high schools, should engage more in this topic. Many people our age don’t even know what those cigarettes contain. We really like the idea of giving students more information about juuling and show them that we really care about this generation’s well being.”

Students in the medical magnet are very engaged in making a change and teaching others that there are more ways to relieve stress and avoid terminal illnesses.